Tuesday, August 14, 2007

Agincourt Project

Several completed games need only dusting off to be uploaded but they can wait. It was decided to take a break from play testing existing games and develop a new game.

The project selected is Agincourt, 1415. Besides the fun of developing a new game, this project will serve another purpose. The step-by-step development of Agincourt, 1415 will be recorded in the Designer's Notebook of the web site. Hopefully, it will make a good example of what goes on when developing a computer-based board game.

The battle of Agincourt pitted Henvy V's longbowmen against the flower of French knighthood. Many brave French knights died and the victor Henry V had a play written about him by a guy named William Shakeapeare.

It took about three or four hours to put together the game map which can be viewed in the Designer's Notebook. The map represents the historic battlefield which funneled French troops between dense woods on either side across a muddy, slow-moving plowed field into the teeth of armor-piercing English longbows.


smith clark said...

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