Tuesday, August 21, 2007

Defensive Stakes Terrain

One of the interesting and unique aspects of the battle of Agincourt is that, prior to the start of battle, the English longbowmen drove stakes into the ground to serve as a barrier against the French cavalry. Horses would not charge into a thicket of sharpened poles. Without such a defensive wall, the French cavalry would get in among the unarmored and lightly armed archers and run them down.

To simulate this in AGINCOURT, each longbowmen unit is allowed to change one PLOWED FIELD or CLEAR hex into a STAKES hex. Once set, the STAKES hexes are set for the rest of the game and a longbowmen unit cannot convert any more hexes.

Up to six hexes are permitted to be converted to STAKES terrain in a game.

The STAKES terrain can only be removed by French men-at-arms or crossbowmen units moving into the hex, which changes the hex back to it's starting terrain type.

French cavalry cannot enter a STAKES hex. In melee, attacking French cavalry take a - 2 modification of the d6 melee roll against an English unit in a STAKES hex, which guarantees a NO EFFECT melee result. Meanwhile, the longbowmen can continue to fire at the attacking cavalry.

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