Monday, January 7, 2008

The Combat Phase

The American Civil War game engine (Second Manassas: R. E. Lee's Greatest Victory) employs the following sequence of play:

Union Movement
Condeferate Movement
Union Artillery Fire
Confederate Artillery Fire
In the combat phase, any unit with "attack" orders can initiate combat with (attack) an adjacent unit. Any unit attacked becomes a defender as does any enemy unit adjacent to an "attacking" unit. Each attacker and defender attempts to "hit" an adjacent enemy unit a number of times equal to its Strength Points and can attempt to hit only one enemy unit per turn. A hit during the turn results in a end-of-phase Strength Point Loss and Morale Checks.
This approach seems a more realistic model of combat in an interval of time (a "turn") than allowing both sides to conduct combat (igo-ugo) in the combat phase, which is a traditional approach, and by modeling "simultaneous combat" a bit better, may not overstate casualties.

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