Wednesday, February 13, 2008

Antietam and the Units File Builder Development Tool

Antietam is the current project under development. One of the tools being used to develop Antietam is the Units File Builder, which facilitates the creation of units, placement of units on the map and assignment of paths to units among other things. This is handy because often units need to be rearranged as part of the process and a simple click moves the unit on the map and the result is seen immediately. It is also easy to edit paths.

Friday, February 8, 2008

Greek Revival

A game first developed in 2003 has been updated and put up. The main improvement to Phalanx: The Battle of Marathon, 490 BC was the addition of a ZOOM feature to be able to view the entire battlefield on the screen, a feature all new games have. The game is a quick-play tactical exploration of ancient warfare. Greek units are mainly phalanxes, which have a shock factor (a bonus hit roll) when attacking. Due to fatigue, the shock bonus roll is allowed only once per game.