Monday, June 30, 2008

Crecy 1346 (In Progress)

Current projects include a revitalization of Isandhlwana and a new game, Crecy 1346, about the One Hundred Years War battle between the English, armed with those wicked longbows, and the Genoese crowsbowmen and armored cavalry on the French side. Crecy looks like a real puzzle for wargaming the battle: the English took a strong defensive position and had the advantage of archers.

Still, historically the French made the perhaps fatal mistake of attacking piecemeal. They might have coordinated their attacks and/or tried a flanking move, not impossible with all that mobile cavalry. One gets the feeling they were supremely over confident. A gamer playing the French side might not be so reckless and could possibly broker a different outcome.
The morale of English troops seems a game design factor; what would be the chance the English foot would break when faced with a cavalry charge? Another factor, this one favoring the English, is the terrain: the ground the French had to cover was uphill and rough, possibly muddy.

Below is the Crecy 1346 map in draft form.

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