Monday, November 17, 2008

Quatre Bras Fog

Took some time to design some new counters for Quatre Bras and to jazz up the map a bit. This game will focus on that old rules spectre, Fog of War. I've included a unit called "NEY" for Marshall Ney, the cautious commander of the French forces. In fact, Ney will be the player (commander) on the battlefield. The idea is that enemy units not seen by Ney are not shown. Enemy units can be in cover (woods, tall rye) or just too far away from the Ney chit to see seen. Certain distances from Ney will produce identity as to type of troops (2000 yards) or number of troops (500 yards). Units that engage friendly forces in combat can be discovered but may quickly move out of sight if they retreat into woods, for example. Even friendly units may become unclear as to identity if too far away from Ney. As the player (Ney), you can send staff to locate enemy units but they may not report back soon (shot by the enemy) or the returning staff member may not have his information correct. You may have to go look yourself. Doing so, you may come under enemy fire. But, one thing we know for certain, Ney was the bravest of the French.

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