Thursday, February 26, 2009

Contributing Designer On Islandlwana

Dennis L. Bishop is a commercial game designer with a number of published games to his credit. His work includes Command magazine games such as LIKE LIONS THEY FOUGHT and ALAMO-DARK VICTORY. Dennis is the primary game designer for Kyber Pass Games ( and has worked on games for ConsimPress (VELDT COMMANDO) and Worthington Games (BLOOD OF NOBLE MEN) as well. Through his research, Dennis has become something of an authority on the battle of Isandlwana. WDG is pleased to have Dennis as a consultant on our current project, Day of the Spears: The Battle of Islandlwana 1879 (working title). He will be contributing in the areas of historical research and game design. We are confident that Dennis' contributions will make Day of the Spears a better game. Certainly his professionalism will stiffen our amateur ranks.

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