Sunday, June 14, 2009

Edgehill (PnP) Question

A good question was recently received:

What are the particulars on attacking/defending with stacked units?


Stack combat can be handled one unit at a time as per the rules.

Should a unit in a stack retreat before all units in the stack have been attacked, you could assign shaken status to the unit(s) remaining. That would give a + 2 modifier for any attacker if remaining units are attacked in that turn. This would simulate lowered morale caused by a nearby friendly unit retreating.

Thursday, June 4, 2009

The Fight for the Heights

Gettysburg Day One: the Fight for the Heights is undergoing play testing and should be released shortly. It is the first game generated by the Sound of the Guns (SOTG) system, an in-house utility which allows the creation of computer-based, turn-based board games set in the 1830 - 1900 era without programming. The user of SOTG supplies a hex map, unit data, terrain data, and scenario information, which is input to the SOTG system. A units file, a terrain file and a scenario file are then output by the system and used as input to the SOTG engine for game play.

DrawHexGrid 3.0

DrawHexGrid 3.0 is a free utility developed by Alex Henderson for creating hex grid image files of any hex size and orientation, with various types of hex numbering, center dots, crosshairs, line thicknesses, fonts, color schemes, etc., with or without anti-aliasing - 83 K. This latest version adds a Preview Window, the ability to create a uniform numbering scheme across multiple map sheets, saving of png files, and the ability to print the image directly from the program.

DrawHexGrid is a very useful utility and version 3.0 should be even more useful. Mr. henderson also is using the PureBasic compiler for his game development projects.