Friday, October 9, 2009

Zombie Fun

Coming out for the Halloween season is Night of the Living Dead, the board game. It will be a PnP game, mostly in glorious black and white. A tribute to the 1968 film of the same name, NOTLD takes place in and around the house where a small group of humans sought refuge from very scary zombie-like "things".

Some comments by the game's author, Dennis L. Bishop:

"It may be asked why "The Night of the Living Dead" and other horror flicks were filmed in black and white. The classic "The Wizard of Oz" actually mixed the two mediums. NOTLD was begun in color, but the color was removed and the rest of the film was shot in B/W due to lack of funding.

"Movies like "I Walked With A Zombie," "White Zombie," and earlier depictions of zombies had no relationship to the Romero/Russo "Things." Still, the Romero/Russo "Things" became a prototype for what movie, literature, and game fans know today as Zombies.

"Note that in the 1968 film that the word “zombie” is never used. The creatures are called “things,” and the Romero-Russo creatures were technically ghouls in the folklore sense, except that ghouls fed upon the dead while the “things” were the opposite with the dead feeding on the living, but not actually doing this in the movie. The only time that we see the humans being eaten is when Tom and Judy are burned up in an attempt to escape. The “things” are also seen eating bugs, so it seems that they are not terribly picky."

Spooky game counters by Thomas Cundiff.

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