Thursday, October 8, 2009

Deadly At Close Range

Master and Commander is a PnP board game simulation of Napoleonic sea combat. Utilizing a simple rules scheme for quicker play, the game attempts nevertheless to retain the essense of naval combat of that era. The challenge to the player is the tactical combat management of a squadron of warships while dealing with wind direction and continuous movement under sail. There are four ship ratings from 1st to fourth and ships have Movement and Fire Power ratings that reflect those ratings. Action includes broadsides, boardings and collisions, any of which may result in step loss, steering lost (fire combat only), dead in the water or sunk. Fire combat effectiveness depends on the distance to the target and the number of guns (Fire Power). But, generally, these ships were deadliest at close range. Counters by Thomas Cundiff. Visit his Old Soldiers Magazine site at

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