Saturday, November 14, 2009


Currently we are redoing an earlier mini-game on the battle of Anzio. This new version will be called Anzio II. While still a small game, it features an improved and expanded map (17 x 11 hexes) and more counters. More counters were thought necessary for the larger map. It was considered to make the game a brigade-level game but that would mean too many counters plus some German divisions were proving hard to research their components without investing in specialized books. As a compromise, each division was broken down into counters for a part A and a part B and each counter has a step loss or back side. Therefore each division in the game can undergo four "hits" before it is eliminated. This improves on the previous method of marking off a step for a unit on a Game Play Sheet while at the same time creating additional playing pieces for the larger map. The rules are much the same as the older game and include weather and off-map bombardment but the combat section has been revised for step loss play.

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