Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Master and Commander Release

Master and Commander is being released as a table top game. Counters are provided as a substitute for miniatures but miniatures can be used. Master and Commander is intended as a fast-play set of rules that simulates Napoleonic-era naval combat. The game is free.

Monday, December 7, 2009

Carriers At War

This project started as an exercise to learn the vb.Net programming language and develop routines which could be used in future computer-based board games. Gradually it took on a life of its own. It is turning into a fast-play, beer-and-prezels game of World War Two in the Pacific. The basic game is a general encounter between the forces of Imperial Japan and the US Navy; no particular battle is simulated although scenarios could possibly be developed for a specific historical battle. The game will feature Japanese kamikaze action, submarines, sea transport of troops, carrier landings and takeoffs. Balancing of unit "abilities" is present in this game more than other types of games and should maintain game tension. For example, submarines can only be attacked by destroyers and bombers and only if sonar detects the sub. A d6 roll greater than 3 detects the sub and depth charges can be dropped on it. Subs have a combat factor of 10 but can attempt only two hits in a phase (fire two torpedoes) while a destroyer can drop as many depth charges as its combat factor (up to five hits) in a phase. Once all ten torpedoes have been fired, the sub heads home for resupply, leaving the game, while destroyers need no resupply. Other ships cause damage equal to one on a hit but a submarine causes d6 damage on a hit.

Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Maiwand Revived

The Battle of Maiwand is a two-player simulation of the battle fought during the Second Afghan War, (1878-1882) on the 27th of July 1880 between the Afghan forces of Ayoub Khan and an Anglo-Indian Brigade commanded by Brigadier General G.R.S. Burroughs. Ayoub Khan was marching on Kandahar with 25,000 troops (more ore less as the actual number is not definitively known), while General Burroughs was dispatched with 2,500 troops to Maiwand, about 50 miles Northwest of Kandahar to oppose the Afghan advance. First published in 2005 by Kyber Pass Games and designed by Dennis L. Bishop, this new release features new counters, a variant scenario and an historical article on the battle by Tom Cundiff.