Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Comments From A Visitor

Bill, a visitor to White Dog Games, had these comments.

"I finished playing (the) Gettysburg game. It is very good from my point of view no bells and whistles just a board game like an old Avalon hill game. You know what it is perfect the learning curve is fast and get right into playing. The counters are well done and the basic but detailed design give the game a great feel. HPS games Talon soft should take a lesson from your games.

Zulu game of Isandhlwana is fantastic I can run a few turns do some paper work and play another turn or two just a fun fast game.

Board games, master commander is very good I made a few changes and plays very nice will be using it in our war game club in March game. Saratoga played it twice had some issues with a few odds and ends changed it over to the old SPI combat chart two units stacking and everyone starts on the map.

Waterloo computer game perfect….!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Thank you for your site and work you are doing."

Thank you, Bill, for your kind remarks.

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Bill said...


I have now played the Gettysburg game twice and have found it to be good. It deals with units on the regiment scale rather than brigades. It has the feel of a old time board game you may start playing it right away with no learning curve, but yet has enough guts to it that it is not a push over. This game is well worth the small price and I find it is better than Sid Meir's Gettysurg since it is turn based and you can leave it and come back to it at later date.
Bill Molyneaux
Gettysburg, PA