Thursday, January 21, 2010

Master and Commander v. 2

Kap wrote in some good suggestions for Master and Commander which have been incorporated into a version 2. Among his ideas is a crew rating feature. Ship crews are rated from Elite to Poor and the ship's crew rating modifies the standard movement rate and fire power values for the ship type. The idea of shore batteries was introduced. Kap also found that using a hex grid map such as for Wooden Ships and Iron Men worked well for this game. In response to a concern about keeping the ships in line with their varying speed, a minimum and maximum movement allowance rule allows the player to "slow down" the faster ships when required. Thanks to Kap for his suggestions.

Master and Commander is a fast-play game of Napoleonic sea combat with just five pages of rules. Kap wrote: "What's good about it is that you can put a BIG fleet on the board and slug it out rather quickly...For people who want to do Trafalgar its just about perfect. Bunches of ships on the map, wild and crazy action everywhere."

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