Friday, March 26, 2010

Game Hexagonal Mats

Hex grid game mats can be purchased directly from from: Hotz Mats at These mats can be used to play "Master and Commander".

The Battle of Chesapeake

The Battle of Chesapeake will be the first in a series of planned scenarios to Master and Commander. It will come with a new set of counters by Tom Cundiff representing the ships in the action, a scenario chart showing the relative positions of the ships at the start of the battle, a suggested set of scenario rules and historical notes on the battle. The scenario chart for the battle is intended as a guide for setting up the game and gives ship direction as well as wind direction.

Battles for a Continent

Mike Mirkle's cover for the Battles for a Continent set of games.

Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Richard Dengel

Richard Dengel is the artist who did the map for "Under the North Star". We feel that he got the feeling of this near artic country with a beautiful, cool palette. Richard is also the artist for our "Hannibal Against Rome" and "Iraq 1941" games. Of course, his work on WDG's "Night of the Living Dead" was amazing. Check out the kitchen in the house on that game map; you could walk on the black and white tiles.
Richard also produces games of his own design for his game company HomeGrown Designs.

Saturday, March 20, 2010


Soon to be released is a scenario to "Master and Commander" on the battle of Camperdown. Fought on October 11, 1797, Camperdown was a British naval victory in the North Sea over the Dutch during the French Revolutionary Wars. The British fleet under Admiral Duncan defeated the Dutch fleet under Admiral de Winter about eighteen miles off the Dutch coastal village of Camperduin. Thirty-four new counters representing the ships involved in the action will be in this scenario, each with speed and power values for individual ships. Counters by Tom Cundiff.

Thursday, March 18, 2010

Under the North Star

The response to our offer of preorder reservations for the boxed edition of Dennis L. Bishop's new board game on the Finnish Civil War of 1918 has been almost overwhelming. As a result, we have decided to increase the print run so that more folks can enjoy a boxed edition. We will print as many boxed games as we have received paid preorders for as of March 26. Dennis has agreed to sign and number a limited number of games as well. So if you want a game you will need to go and pay for a preorder copy of the game. We will not print extra copies. Thank all of you who have already paid for a preorder game. This degree of interest in North Star was not expected. Dennis, who likes to select obscurer topics for his games, may have picked one this time that might have more general interest in it than he realized. He can comment on that. Anyway, I hope this encourages him to continue designing games for a while. He is working with me now on a three-game set on the French and Indian War called "Battles for a Continent". I designed one of the three games and Dennis did the other two. We have Tim Allen's great map graphics on that project and Mike Mirfin back on the cover art. I think Dennis is also working on the lesser-known World War I battle of Ctesiphone. Looks like he's back in his true element.

Monday, March 8, 2010

San Jacinto

A work in progress is the battle of San Jacinto. This rout of Mexican forces under Santa Anna ended the Texas Revolution and made a hero of Sam Houston. The battle may have turned out differently or not been such a cakewalk for the Texians if Santa Anna had not dithered away the morning and, instead, attacked the rebel forces first. Or if sentries had been posted to prevent the surprise attack that historically happened. Or if more Mexican reinforcements had arrived from San Antonio other than Cos' battalion. This game will feature an order of battle by Dennis L. Bishop.

Battles for a Continent

Three French and Indian War battles will be combined into a set called "Battles for a Continent". The three battles selected are Braddock's Defeat, The Plains of Abraham and St. Foy. The "Battles for a Continent" set will feature game maps by Tim Allen and counters by Tom Cundiff. In addition to orders of battle, Dennis L. Bishop will contribute game designs for The Plains of Abraham and St. Foy.