Thursday, March 18, 2010

Under the North Star

The response to our offer of preorder reservations for the boxed edition of Dennis L. Bishop's new board game on the Finnish Civil War of 1918 has been almost overwhelming. As a result, we have decided to increase the print run so that more folks can enjoy a boxed edition. We will print as many boxed games as we have received paid preorders for as of March 26. Dennis has agreed to sign and number a limited number of games as well. So if you want a game you will need to go and pay for a preorder copy of the game. We will not print extra copies. Thank all of you who have already paid for a preorder game. This degree of interest in North Star was not expected. Dennis, who likes to select obscurer topics for his games, may have picked one this time that might have more general interest in it than he realized. He can comment on that. Anyway, I hope this encourages him to continue designing games for a while. He is working with me now on a three-game set on the French and Indian War called "Battles for a Continent". I designed one of the three games and Dennis did the other two. We have Tim Allen's great map graphics on that project and Mike Mirfin back on the cover art. I think Dennis is also working on the lesser-known World War I battle of Ctesiphone. Looks like he's back in his true element.

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