Sunday, May 9, 2010


When researching the San Jacinto game, Remember the Alamo!, some confusion arose over the Mexican cazadore unit as to whether it was mounted or not. (In Spain about this time they were mounted.)

Dennis L. Bishop, who did order of battle research for the game, said, "Both Lon Tinkle and Walter Lord made the same mistake (that cazadore units were mounted) back in 1958 and 1961. However, subsequent research in the 1980’s revised the Mexican organizations in much the same way that the research changed Amelia Williams’ research concerning the Texian garrison at the Alamo. By 1986 we were provided with Hunnycutt’s revelation concerning the Mexican organizations, and nearly that same year I published an article detailing the Texian order of battle at the Alamo in the Knight Dispatch magazine. Subsequent research has enhanced my original thesis entitled, “I Thought They Were Just A Bunch Of Guys.” That research continues."

The result is that cazadores are safely back on foot. They were a special unit of marksmen or "hunters". Hence, the hunting horn symbol on Tom Cundiff's counter.

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