Saturday, July 31, 2010

Indian Summer

Designed by Manny Aguilar, Indian Summer tells the story of the Civil War in the west. A work in progress, this will be a large game, befitting a large topic, featuring some 600 counters and a 22" x 35" map. Borrowing ideas from Miranda's They Died With Their Boots On, Indian Summer employs a leader-draw mechanic to activate commands or groups of units under a leader. The player is challenged to manage available resources and reinforcements in order to control sections of the "western" states of Missouri, Kansas, Arkansas and Texas and the Indian Territory during the period June 1862 to September 1863. Counters in the game represent historic infantry, cavalry, artilley units plus leaders, supply depots, wagon trains and more. A heroism draw aspect provides for unexpected events and capabilities for both sides, making Indian Summer not only a highly realistic simulation but an exciting game as well.