Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Remember the Alamo! Released

Remember the Alamo: San Jacinto April 20 - 21, 1836 is really two "Print-n-Play" games in one covering the two days of fighting (April 20 and April 21). Each game can be played separately or linked together. Units are company level with individual artillery pieces. Order of battle contribution by Dennis L. Bishop. The 165 counters by Tom Cundiff include assault, disrupted and barricade markers. The 17x22" map by Richard Dengel represents the San Jacinto battlefield with clear, road, ridge line, swamp, woods and bayou terrain. Additional scenarios provided to complement the basic, historical game include King of the Ridge Line: Day Two and a scenario for Day Three, Santa Anna Attacks, among others. Two-player and well-suited for solitaire. Price: $12.75 (Texas residents $13.80). Cover art by Mike Mirfin.


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