Friday, August 6, 2010

Son of the Dragon


Oastea Mica (“Small Host”)
The Oastea Mica in both Wallachia and Moldavia consisted of Viteji (Cavalry with sabers and lances), and Cuteni (Medium Cavalry). All cavalry carried bows.

Oastea Mare (“Great Host”) in both Wallachia and Moldavia consisted of cetes (basic combat unit) of Mosieni (archers)and Iunaci (infantry) who were all mounted on horseback.

Bandiera of Transylvania were formed from cetes and consisted of Boieri Mica (Heavy Cavalry), 2000 handgunners, and Vecini (peasants provided by boyars as soldiers).

The Hungarian army was further north in Hungary protecting its borders. The army represented in the game is an estimation of the Hungarians under Hunyadi Janus. This counter represents Hungarian heavy cavalry armed with lances and swords.

The Hungarian Acies Negri (Black Army) consisted predominantly of heavy and light cavalry armed with lances and swords.

The Hungarian Lefegii were mercenaries hired by the Hungarian King Corvinius Matthias. These were armed with lances and swords.


Rumulia was divided into several satraps (provinces) each governed by a Bey. It was Bulgaria Rumulia governed from Nicolopolis that was involved in the Wallachian war. The Rumulia Azabs (general term for soldiers conscripted for campaigns) were primarily foot soldiers carrying edged weapons.

The Rumulia Azabs were supported by light cavalry called Akinji. The Akinji were armed with sabers and bows.

The Anatolian Azabs provided the bulk of the Ottoman army that defeated the Byzantines and Christians of eastern Europe. They were armed indifferently with swords, spears, and a few match lock firearms.

The Janissary “Corps” was the elite of the Ottoman army and much better armed with swords and spears. There were a few match lock firearms with them. By the mid-1400s the Janissary were evolving and only the field Janissaries are represented in the game.

The Sipahi challenged the Janissary as elite troops. The Sipahi were medium cavalry armed with lances and bows.

The Akinji were light cavalry armed with sabers and bows.

Mercenaries were hired by different princedoms and kingdoms as the most dependable troops. These mercenaries came from Poland, Saxony, Bosnia, Italy, and Bohemia.