Friday, September 10, 2010


White Dog Games First Anniversary

It was one year ago this September that we formed White Dog Games as a game company offering premium games. Before that, only free games were published. In those twelve months, we have develped the following premium games. Visit our web site to see more information on these games.

Ordered To Die
Battles for a Continent (Bonus: Braddock's Defeat)
Under the North Star
Remember the Alamo!
Day of the Spears II
Master and Commander Basic and Three Scenarios
Hannibal Against Rome
Iraq 1941
Night of the Living Dead
The Fight for the Heights (Gettysburg)
We Shall Fight on the Marne

Thanks to Richard Dengel, Tom Cundiff, Tim Allen, Mike Mirfin and Lionel Liron for their enthusiasm and talent.

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