Sunday, November 21, 2010

Washita Battlefield

I went to the Washita National Battlefield with a couple of friends one day in April of 2009. We were very impressed with the visitors center but less so with the actual battlefield. It seemed very austere with respect to wayside exhibits and signs. I never get tired of visiting local historical sites, especially Indian Territory Civil War sites. It's kind of habit of mine to photograph historical markers, tomb stones, and monuments when I can. I will even go out of the way sometimes to locate these. This can aggravate my wife to no end when we are on the road. Of course I don't have to do this to aggravate her. I just have to exist.

Manny Aguilar


A work in progress, Pavia is a simulation of the engagement fought February 24, 1525 between a Spanish-Imperial army allied with the garrison of Pavia and a French army under the personal command of Francis I of France. An important battle, the outcome cemented the Spanish Habsburg ascendancy in Italy.

Above is the game map showing setup positions of the game units.

The game is being designed by Lionel Liron who is also doing the map and counter art.

Monday, November 15, 2010

Last King of Scotland

Above is a section of the Last King of Scotland game map by Richard A. dengel. Below are counters by Tom Cundiff. Game designed by Dennis L. Bishop.

Friday, November 5, 2010

The Last King of Scotland

(Counters by Tom Cundiff)

A new design by Dennis L. Bishop, The Last King of Scotland is a game covering the Tanzania-Uganda War of 1979 that ousted Uganda's President for Life Idi Dada Amin from control of that country. With easy-to-play rules, the game provides enough detail to give players a sense of the time and place in a reasonable playing time. When Idi Amin fled Uganda, his army dissolved and he truly became "The Last King of Scotland." Game map will be by Richard Dengel with counters by Tom Cundiff.

Thursday, November 4, 2010

Battles for a Continent

Below are snaps taken of the map and counters assembled for the Battles for a Continent game. BFC is a print-and-play game and the counters were nicely mounted. Click images to enlarge. Map by Tim Allen and counters by Tom Cundiff.