Saturday, December 18, 2010

Anzio II: The Fight for the Beachhead, 1944

Announcing the release of Anzio II with new counters and a beautiful new map by Tim Allen. Cover by Tim Allen.

This game is a fast-play, solitaire or two-player simulation of the 1944 Allied landings at Anzio-Nettuno in 1944. The initial landings went unopposed but the resulting struggle developed to defend the beachhead.

Thursday, December 16, 2010


Designed by Rebel Yell creator Richard Dengel, WordWars is a game of quick wits, strategy, skill and a little old fashioned luck! WordWars can be played by 2, 3, or 4 players. Team play is also possible. WordWars is an uncomplicated game, as challenging as Scrabble and playable by children and adults alike. In WordWars, a player maneuvers her playing pieces, or counters, across the board forming words as she goes. Each counter is able to move three squares per turn. The player must guard against having letters eliminated or "bounced" during play while attempting to do that to his opponents counters. A word formed by a player is worth a certain number of POINTS depending upon the number of letters in the word and the “terrain” the letters are in. The game ends after a specified number of rounds, or INNINGS. The player with the most victory points wins the game. Alternately, a player may win by being the first to garner a specified point total. This is called the SUDDEN DEATH GAME. The game has counters with different functions. LETTER counters are used for creating words on the game board. JOKER counters are WILD CARDS. These may be any letter a player chooses during a turn. Jokers may also BOUNCE and/or KIDNAP another player’s counters. KNIGHTS are also Wild Cards, similar to Jokers. These units may also Bounce or ELIMINATE an opposing player’s counters. KINGS, like Knights and Jokers are also Wild Cards. However, King may neither Bounce nor Eliminate opposing counters. A colorful map board and several player aids are included with the game.

Wednesday, December 8, 2010

September 1939 User Interface

The above is a full screen snap of September 1939 at turn six, showing the game's user interface. A menu bar across the top and a side panel provide options and buttons for game play. The bottom panel guides the player with brief directions and informs the player of combat results. The user interface is designed for easy and quick play with a board game look and feel.

September 1939: The Invasion of Poland

German units cross the Polish frontier and push toward Lodz. September 1939 is a computer simulation of the 1939 German invasion of Poland.

Anzio II Map

The Anzio II map was done by Tim Allen.

Anzio II: The Fight for the Beachhead

With a stunning map by Tim Allen and 5/8 inch square counters also by Tim, Anzio II: The Fight for the Beachhead is a work in progress due for release in December.

The Fight for the Beachhead is a solitaire or two-player game which simulates the first weeks of the battle of Anzio when Allied forces defended and attempted to expand the Anzio beachhead. The goal of the Anzio-Nettuno amphibious landings on January 22, 1944 was to outflank the German Winter Line and open the way to Rome. A major battle of World War Two, the initial landings were unopposed. Instead, the resulting fight developed to keep the beachhead.