Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Call for Play Testers

White Dog Games is asking for volunteers to play test a new game by Lionel Liron.

All Is Lost To Me is a simulation of the
battle of Pavia, fought in Italy on February
24, 1525 between the French army of King
Francis I, which was besieging Pavia, and
the Spanish-Imperial forces of Generals
Charles Quint, Charles de Lannoy, Viceroy
of Naples, and Fernando Francesco
Davolos, Marquis de Pescara, which had
come to lift the siege of Pavia. It ends,
historically, in the capture of the French
king and the defeat of his army. As a
prisoner, Francis wrote “To inform you of
how the rest of my ill-fortune is
proceeding, all is lost to me save honor and
life, which is safe...”

The game is currently in PDF form for play testing. Play testers are required to provide detailed comments on the clarity and efficacy of the rules and an after action report of a played game. These reports can be submitted by email.

All Is Lost To me is planned as a printed, boxed, die-cut game. Selected play testers who complete the required play test feedback described above to our satisfaction will receive a complimentary copy of the printed game and play test credit in the printed version.

Volunteers can apply to Michael at

Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Knights of the Sky Rules

The rules and user guide to Knights of the Sky have been posted. This is a free game from White Dog Games that simulates aerial combat of World War One.

Click here to view the rules PDF.

Friday, March 4, 2011

Last King of Scotland

Designed by Dennis L. Bishop, The Last King of Scotland is a game that simulates the Tanzania-Uganda War of 1979 that ousted Uganda's President for Life Idi Amin Dada. With a seeming fascination for all things Scottish, Idi Amin referred to himself as the "uncrowned king of Scotland". When Amin fled Uganda in a sense he became "The Last King of Scotland." Each game turn is a month of real time. Each hex covers 30 miles, and units range from platoons to battalions. Map work by Richard A. Dengel and counters by Tom Cundiff.