Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Bosworth Field

Bosworth Field Draft Cover

Wednesday, February 8, 2012

El-Teb and Tamai (Sudan 1884)

Development has started on a simulation of two 1884 engagements in the War on the Nile. One is El-Teb. This was a brisk action in the Sudan between a British expeditionary force led by Sir Gerald Graham sent to secure Nile bases for a possible relief of Khartoum and Mahdist allies led by Dinga. A small action, it was nevertheless hard fought with artillery on both sides and dramatic infantry and cavalry charges. A second game will make a boxed set. The battle of Tamai, fought a short while after El-Teb, featured the same antagonists (Graham and Dinga) in a kind of War on the Nile grudge match. The games will each feature a 17" x 11" game map, about 60 die-cut counters and markers, and easy-to-play rules. It will be offered in folio as well as boxed format.

Draft Counters

Draft El-Teb Game Map