Tuesday, August 20, 2013

Stonewall's Sword - Call for Play Testers

A new design by Hermann Luttmann is always exciting. Now is your chance to feel both that excitement and the excitement of playing a role in creating a new game. We need play testers and developers for Stonewall's Sword, an American Civil War game simulating the August 9, 1862 battle of Cedar Mountain. Using research on Cedar Mountain from Jeff Berry's Obscure Battles blog, Hermann has fashioned a game using many of the design concepts that made Duel of Eagles a great game. The design employs a chit-pull mechanic to activate divisions and events. Some of the events are Fog of War, Rebel Yell, Smoke on the Field, Difficult Ground, Jackson's Lethargy and Well-Manned Artillery among others. The game will feature map art by cartographer and artist Rick Barber. Rick has created maps for Victory Point Games, including In Magnificent Style. Shown below is a black and white draft of a section of the Jackson Sword game map. Contact us at if you wish to be a part of the Stonewall's Sword development team.

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