Monday, September 2, 2013

Call for Play Testers

We are asking for play testers for The Prussian Crusade. A game by designer Steve Kling, The Prussian Crusade is a solitaire game covering the crusade of the Teutonic Knights in Prussia in the 13th Century. The player plays the Teutonic Knights side (Teutonic Player) against a Prussian tribal AI.

The game is played on an abstracted map of medieval Prussia, divided into six named Regions, each of which has four Areas. Areas consist of Village Areas, Mountain Areas and Forest Areas. Game charts and other useful information to assist game play are also located on the Game Map. Game counters or units, represent historical units. Each unit has an icon or image indicating its type (Knight, Levy, Leader, Castle, Crusader for the Teutonic Player and Tribal, Leader, Hillfort and Lithuanians for the Prussians) and various other information pertinent to the game. There are also Game Turn, Combat, Command Points (“CP”) and Ambush markers to aid game play.

With papal endorsement, Imperial [German] and Polish support and enthusiastic responses to the calls for crusade, the [Teutonic] Order soon took complete control of what became a systematic conquest of the Prussian tribal territories.” Aleksander Pluskowski, The Archaeology of The Prussian Crusade; Holy War and Colonisation