Friday, February 22, 2013

Duel of Eagles Review BGG

In a Duel of Eagles review by Steve Carey on The BoardGameGeek, Steve concludes: This is a really fun and playable game. DoE is crafted in the old-school wargaming tradition, but with a modern flair (similar to say, 2011's Guns of August from Wothington Games). It has readily accessible mechanics which will allow most players to jump right in. The rules are crisp and straightforward, and solitaire play is good. Production values are adequate. The topic is unusual and entertaining. I'd judge complexity to be on the low-end of the Medium scale. An average session (there's 12 turns for the entire one-day engagement) is going to run something like 5 hours, but that's OK - at night I found myself looking forward to the next turn in the morning. I've owned the game for less than a week, but after spending a few days with DoE, its siren-song ability to intrigue me has remained strong. To be honest, I've barely even heard of White Dog Games before, but if Duel of Eagles is any indication of the type of game in their product line, then I will definitely be back for more. Overall, I like DoE a lot and am quite pleased with this purchase. Whether you're looking for a quality design to add to your collection, or if you want to support the fine efforts of a small publisher, then I can heartily recommend Duel of Eagles without hesitation - this is the kind of game which truly deserves recognition from the hobby.

Tuesday, February 12, 2013

Here is an informal work-in-progress snap from Chris Hansen, White Dog Games developer and play tester, showing the new Anzio counters by Tom Cundiff. Chris is going through the last play tests in PnP format before we release the upgraded Anzio, which is promising to be a fast-play, exciting simulation of the WW II battle. The game will have a full set of solitaire rules which should provide the Allies player a tough German "opponet". The game will comeout soon in boxed, folio and PnP formats. Also shown is the bottom cover to the box.

Saturday, February 9, 2013

Battles for a Continent

Bill sent these snaps of his Battles for a Continent game maps: Quebec and Braddock's Defeat.

Saturday, February 2, 2013

Duel of Eagles: Mars-la-Tour, 1870 by designer Hermann Luttmann and with art by Dan Lamb (Shield Wall) has been released. The printer is Victory Point Press, a division of Victory Point Games. We hope that the visibility of of VPG in the gaming world will make the game known to more gamers. VPG styles itself as the "little company that could" but, to us at White Dog Games, they are the Big Dogs.