Monday, July 8, 2013

Red Menace Rules

The Strategic Deployment and Scramble Rules introduce a new way to play Red Menace. These rules add more decisions for the player and increase the challenge in just three pages. A big thanks to Barry Kendall for coming up with these ideas. Summary of new decisions and challenges: 1. Deploy all player-controlled bombers to cities on the ground during the game setup with limits to mixing types and stacking. When a city is destroyed, any bombers still on the ground in that city are lost.
2. Using the most advanced interceptors at a longer range of 1 instead of 0 but with a penalty to not reset until the following turn.
3. Bombers may no longer take off from Greenland except to rebase after a successful mission.
4. All player-controlled bombers may rebase in UK after a successful mission (but within stacking and mixing type limits).
5. After a successful TU-95 cruise missile attack at a range of 1, remaining bombers in the same flight may now attack a secondary target.
6. Scenario changes to reflect a more aggressive initial strike and Soviet response.
7. Unpredictable Soviet Air Defenses that change each turn.

You may download the PDF rules for FREE here. A new VASSAL module, v1.1 has also been updated to support these new rules and is available to anyone that purchases Red Menace. All player-controlled bombers now have a right-click to rotate option to show them nose-down (on the ground). To request a copy of the VASSAL module, please use the White Dog Games Contact page here.