Thursday, June 12, 2014

Hannibal Against Roma

We have started working anew on Hannibal Against Roma again after a hiatus of a few weeks working on other projects. HAR is a computer-based board game of the Second Punic War. This is an upgrade in art of the older computer game, using map art by Jose Faura, and a code conversion from Visual Basic 6 to Visual Studio 2008.

Wednesday, June 4, 2014

Newsletter June 2014


We Shall Fight on the Marne is now available as a Vassal Module with purchase of the game.

A Spoiled Victory: An Illustrated Review is a new review of our solitaire Dunkirk game by Paul Fish and Hermann Luttmann written by a French gamer. This review describes the game in some detail and includes the comments "...card system is ingenious..." and "...AI is clever and gives many meaningful decisions to make..."

The Confederate Rebellion is our latest release. Created by award-winner designer Dave Kershaw, TCR is a solitaire game of the American Civil War. Map and counters and additional scenarios were provided by artist and designer Steve Kling. The game includes a 17" x 11" game map and 120 double-side, thick, laser-cut counters.

Designer Hermann Luttmann is winding up Stonewall's Sword, an ACW game about the battle of Cedar Mountain fought in 1862. This game features map art by cartographer Richard Barber. Other works in progress include Mollwitz 1741, Frederick the Great's First Battle, Crisis on the Right: Plancenoit, Bloody April: Shiloh 1862, and Caribbean Storm: Honduras 2009.

Purchase two or more boxed games and receive a ten percent discount.

Michael Kennedy

White Dog Games

Tuesday, June 3, 2014

Marne Vassal Module Available

Art Bennett has worked up a Vassal Module for We Shall Fight on the Marne. The module is free with purchase of the game. Below is a screen snap from the Vassal module showing the game map with pieces set up in initial positions. Click the map to see a larger image.