Thursday, April 30, 2015

Plancenoit End of Turn 2

The map shows the situation at the end of turn two. French artillery has proven effective in slowing the Prussian advance. The Prussians have lost an artillery unit and an infantry unit. The Prussian player will have to decide whether to use Action Points (time and resources) to rally those units or to press the attack. For example, Wilhelm's Reserve Cavalry has now come onto the field and is threatening to turn the French right flank. In addition, Braun's Reserve Artillery battery has come up and will give the Prussians artillery chops of their own on the field.

Tuesday, April 28, 2015

Crisis on the Right: Plancenoit 1815

After a hiatus, during which we finished a couple of other games (Lodz, Mollwitz) and got a couple more into development (The Last Stand, Kolin 1757), attention has been turned on our Napoleonic baby, Plancenoit. The game has undergone some design changes and is now is into play testing. Below is the situation after the first "segment" of turn 2. The Prussians so far have had some difficulty against the French on the ridge above Plancenoit and have suffered a step loss and a disruption. But note that Wilhelm's massive cavalry brigade is now coming onto the field. Things are about to become hot for the French. Shown is the game's final art and Art Bennett's great Vassal module.

Tuesday, April 21, 2015

Kolin 1757

“I do believe the King is going to lose today.” – Austrian Marshall Leopold Daun

This is the situation at the start of the fourth turn of play testing Frederick's Blunder: Kolin 1757, a game about the battle fought near Kolin, Bohemia, during the Seven Year's War, between the Austrians commanded by Marshall Daun and the Prussians under Frederick the Great. The map is the draft game map and the counters are borrowed from our Mollwitz game for play testing purposes.

Monday, April 6, 2015

Chris Dorrell has created a new folding game board for Don't Tread On Me! It is available for download on BGG. Go to the link below.