Friday, May 1, 2015

Plancenoit End of Turn 3

At the end of turn 3, all of Wilhelm's Reserve Cavalry is now on the field and part of Hacke's heavy brigade has arrived with dust in the distance indicating Rijssel's brigade approaching. French cavalry and artillery aggressively attacked and eliminated Losthin 15-18 which was later in the turn rallied and placed next to a Losthin unit still on the field. The result of that action was that the Prussian line was forced back on itself in the north part of the battlefield. Starting turn 4, the French player has six APs carried over from the previous turn to the Prussian player's zero. Of course, being on the defensive, the French player has been able to conserve APs while the Prussian player has had to expend APs to bring his units on the field and get them into position to engage the French.

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