Wednesday, June 17, 2015

Consimworld Convention 2015

We will be introducing three new games at this year's CSW Con. If you plan on attending CSW this year, please drop by Blue Panther's booth and see our new games.

Master and Commander will be available to purchase at special convention rates. In addition, we will have two demo games: Crisis on the Right: Plancenoit 1815 and Caribbean Storm: Honduras 2009


Monday, June 8, 2015

Hannibal Against Roma

Progress is being made with Hannibal Against Roma, a computer game of the Second Punic War. The below run-time screen snap shows a part of the 55 x 31 hex map and the game in early-stage development. We are upgrading the art and re-programming the WDG classic game from VB6 into Visual Studio 2008 Basic. The game will have an AI that will play the Roman side while the player controls the Carthaginian side.

Master and Commander Scenario Book

We are happy to announce that a scenario book for Master and Commander will be available simultaneously (or nearly so) with the release of the game. The game itself includes three scenarios. The scenario book, written by Peter Schutze, will offer 23 or more exciting scenarios to play and will be sold separately. Most of the scenarios are taken from the American War of Independence. Shown below is part of the draft scenario text from the scenario book for the Cape Henry, 16 March, 1781 engagement.

The Last Stand

This is a snap of the action at the end of the 5th turn. Custer is leading an attack across Minneconjoux Ford while Reno has been driven into the trees down river from the village. Meanwhile, Benteen has arrived and is riding along the east ridge and warriors are moving back to the village to meet the threat from Custer's wing. Company B and the Pack Train will arrive at the beginning of the next turn. This is the historical scenario so no Gatling gun is being used.