Friday, November 20, 2015

Waterloo Solitaire Game On the Drawing Board

Looked around and could not find a solitaire game for Waterloo. So starting to develop some ideas for a rather simple, basically division-level, quick-play solitaire board game for the battle of Waterloo. I mean this is the 200th anniversary. The snap below shows the battlefield and starting positions for both sides. One can see there are not a lot of counters nor a large footprint to the game. The player plays the French and solitaire rules would play the Allies. Would have key hex objectives with victory points for the French (player) to capture. The player or scenarios can change the Allied defensive alignments and the French setup. The game would work by the French (player) having a variable number of Action Points each turn to be used for moving and combat which would be resolved by drawing cards or rolling dice for Allied reactions which might affect moving French units. Obviously, if French units can continue moving forward, they can eventually occupy VP hexes but may be slowed or even repelled by solitaire reactions. Just an idea at this point...

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