Monday, November 14, 2016

White Dog Games is pleased to present its new logo designed by artist Dan Lamb.

Saturday, November 12, 2016

N - The Napoleonic Wars First Complete AAR

From Ben Madison, designer of N - The Napoleonic Wars. Below the text is a snap of the map from the play test.

Just finished my first complete end-to-end run-through on N - The Napoleonic Wars and I was quite happy with the results; in late 1809 Napoleon invaded Russia and suffered a catastrophic defeat -- even worse than historical, which set the stage for the rest of the turn. The Coalition followed up with a giant battle in Austria which the French lost; the Imperial Guard broke, French morale collapsed and the French retreated to Italy. A subsequent battle in Italy drove the French back to France itself and Napoleon quickly surrendered. (And in this world, Wellington had nothing to do with it; he was mopping up French forces in Spain.)

"N" has been delayed a bit because designer Ben Madison has been swamped by non-game projects but he hopes to pick it up again soon. He says, I did one playtest last week and was dissatisfied with the play balance, so I'm tinkering. Also, I am going to dramatically simplify one aspect of the game -- as you know it's based ultimately on Kershaw's Vietnam Solitaire, which has five big areas each divided into four small areas. During my playtest it felt more realistic (given the much longer turn length -- six months to five years!) that I would just get rid of the small areas entirely. So now you fight a battle in (say) Germany and it either decides the control of Germany or forces you to retreat to France or Austria (where a follow-up battle occurs). Given the grand strategic scale of the game, I like the idea of these battles being more epic and the advances/retreats moving all over Europe rather than just confined to one part.