Tuesday, January 24, 2017

The Lost Battalion

We have received final cover art from artist Mike Mirfin for the Little Bighorn game. We are awaiting eight additional counters representing four companies of the 2nd Cavalry from artist Jose Faura. Four companies of the 2nd were offered to Custer to take along with him on his final campaign. But, of course, he refused them. Now the player will have the opportunity to see what effect they might have had in "The Lost Battalion" scenario of the game. In addition to the 2nd Cavalry battalion, the player will have two Gatling gun units at his command for a little more firepower should he want it.

We have had a great response to the release of WIP. Our printer is busy filling orders. We would like to thank everyone for your interest in WIP. It was fun to work on the project with Steve Pole, the designer, and with Dan Lamb, the game artist who did a fine job with the counters and the map. And always a pleasure to work with Art Bennett, the Vassal master who worked up an excellent Vassal module for the game.

Thursday, January 19, 2017

War in the Pacific Released

WDG is pleased to announce the publication of Steve Pole's War in the Pacific 1941`-1945. The game allows players to replay the conflict between the Empire of Japan and the Allies in the Pacific Theater of World War II. WIP is a campaign game on a grand strategic scale. Random event cards reflect the major political and technological changes/events which occurred during the War; depots are used to stress the crucial importance of logistics; and there is a mechanic that generally effects simultaneous movement (campaigning). The heart of WIP is the use of Resource Points which players spend to conduct their campaigns. The Japanese player starts with more RPs and it is his challenge to use them effectively in the first months and years of the war before the immense resources of the Allies kick in and begin to be felt.

Game components include the following:

- 12-page Rule Book

- Extended Example of Play Booklet

- Player Reference Sheets

- 22” x 17” Hexagonal Map of the Pacific Theater

- 208 Unit Counters and Game Markers

- 40 Random Event Cards

- Two Six-sided Dice (2D6): One Red, One White