Saturday, June 3, 2017

Larger Maps Printed In One Piece

WDG is pleased to announce that we are now printing our 22" x 17" maps in one piece. No longer will we print a 22" x 17" map in two 17" x 11" sections; instead it will be printed on one 22" x 17" sheet. The map will be folded twice to fit the box. Note that the folds for a one-piece 22" x 17" map will be no different in degree than the folds for two 17" x 11" sections. Below is a snap of a one-piece War in the Pacific map unfolded from the box. Gamers will probably want to continue using a plastic sheet over the new one-piece map format as before with the two 17" x 11" sections.

For those who would like no folding creases at all on the 22" x 17" map, we will offer the 22" x 17" map sent by mail tube.

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